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How to prove HS Fitness is the best fitness equipment Brand in China?

In fact, we think we should add a qualifier after “best”: square tube. This means HS Fitness is the best brand of square tube-made fitness equipment, We are good at mass production so as to lower the ex-factory price. and the quality is without any problem since hundreds of tests have been performed before and after the production.

Is the quality of fitness equipment made in China reliable?

Yes, if you buy commercial exercise equipment from HS-fitness, its quality is stable and reliable because we have more than 10 years of industry experience. When exercising, using quality equipment can make a big difference. High-quality equipment is generally more durable and safer to use, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Investing in high-quality workout equipment can improve your overall experience, help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently, and ensure the equipment lasts longer. Therefore, when choosing training equipment, it is worth considering its quality.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for fitness equipment orders?

We recommend at least US$5,000. You know that commercial fitness machines are very large. If the order amount is small, you will find that a series of costs such as freight from factory to dock, customs fees, ocean freight, and terminal fees may add up to more than The value of the goods is still high; on the other hand, if your goods can fill a 20-foot container, it will be best, you will find that the shipping cost is very small.

What is your after-sales policy, such as how long is the quality guarantee period?

Like most responsible manufacturers, HS provides a 3-year warranty for the frame of the strength training machine. Although we believe that it will not break after ten years of use, we only provide a 1-year free warranty for the pulleys and wire ropes.

Is my workout equipment pre-assembled?

Normally, HS fitness will connect the main parts and then package them, which will save you a lot of transportation costs. After you receive the goods, you only need to assemble them according to the labels.

If my gym door is too small, what style of exercise machine I should choose?

HS-Fitness strongly suggests the plate-loaded workout machine, Because they are unpacked before packaging, most of the parts are small enough that you can fit through the 90cm wide door without a problem.

Why aren’t your product prices the lowest?

As long as we use raw materials with false labels, we could also reduce the price by at least one-third, and you will not easily find any difference. However, after a year, you will find that the machines have minor failures one after another. If this is what you want The “better future” you want, sorry, we can’t provide it.

Can you provide free spare parts?

Of course, we will prepare some wearing parts for you, such as wire ropes, pulleys, bearings, foam rollers, and handles. These accessories will allow you to have no worries in the next 2 or 3 years. If you need the quantity to cover the next 5 years or even 10 years, we will give you a price list of accessories.

I think your fitness equipment is great, how can I become your distributor?

We are glad that you think so. Please tell us whether you want to be an ordinary agent or an exclusive local agent. Which cities can you cover? What is the annual purchase amount of commercial fitness equipment in these areas? We will provide What support helped you win in the market?

Why don’t I see a lot of home workout equipment on your website?

This website mainly displays HS Fitness’s commercial exercise devices. If you need home fitness equipment, please tell us your location and product type (such as bench press rack, squat machine, or multi-function trainer) and we will find the nearest one for you. dealer.