slt hm2103 lateral d y row

HM2103 is a seated iso Lateral D.Y. incline Row, this plate loaded hammer plate-loaded D.Y.Rower machine, hold the grips and support chest, pull the lever arms of this fitness rower from low position, it will rowing by horizontal incline when exercise back muscle, therefor also name plate loaded close grip back row, suit to commercial gym.

  1. Dimension (H*W*L): 209*130*143 cm
  2. Default Total Weight: 135 kgs
  3. Default Frame color: Black
  4. Default Leather for cushion and seats: Blue
  • HM2103 Lateral D.Y. Row with adjustable seats and low rowing arms.
  • Underhand grip position combined with overhead pivot dictates a natural arc of movement around shoulder joint
  • Seat and chest pad are angled slightly to enhance stabilization
  • Additional handle provided to allow user stabilization during one-arm exercises